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Personal Effectivness

The Thinking Organization

This pyramid summarizes the Thinking Teams view of a successful organization, effectively moving toward its goals, powered by collaborating teams of wholehearted individuals. The pyramid builds from foundational elements; its layers show focus areas for organizational improvement and growth. 

          Starting from the base: 

  1. Self-Aware, Productive Individuals– a wonderful alignment happens when an organization enables its members to participate in a way that connects with their full selves, not just the conscious tip of the mind's iceberg (

The Power of Alignment

The best teams are made up of individuals who are fully engaged. When a team member is really into it, the team gets full benefit of the person's talent, and the person feels fulfilled by their participation in the team.

Full engagement requires alignment. By alignment I mean that the team members share and buy into the team's objective. I think of team alignment as happening at three levels

  • Team leadership holds the vision around which the team aligns
  • Team members co-create their roles in realizing the team vision

The Committee in Your Head

Committees are infamous for getting in their own way – lack of focus, conflicts, dominators, wall flowers. But it doesn't take two to tango – modern neuroscience shows us that each of our brains functions very much like a committee. (Professor Michael Gazzaniga of University of California addresses this in an interesting series of lectures available on-line:
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