Thinking Teams - Unlocking the Power of Talented Minds Working Together
Who is Thinking Teams?

Tom Robertson is Founder and Principal at Thinking Teams. After earning a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Tom worked at Bell Labs, led leading-edge R&D at TASC; was Director of Engineering and Chief Scientist at Lockheed Martin; and VP/GM at Atlantic Aerospace. Realizing his main interest had become developing leaders and organizations, he joined a growing Boston R&D firm and led business units, mentored leaders, and helped transition the firm to become part of a global aerospace company. Tom started Thinking Teams to broaden his contribution and to share his passion for helping talented teams and leaders achieve great results in highly challenging situations.

Recent Feedback
We worked with [Tom and his Oregon Organizational Development Network Community Consulting Project (CCP)] team on board development. I was incredibly impressed at how the team was quickly able to isolate the issues we were having and create a plan with concrete steps to address these issues. We have emerged from this project with an invigorated and empowered board!” -  Managing Director, Pendulum Aerial Arts
” Thank you, [Tom and his CCP team]. Your analyses and interventions helped steer us to a much improved and appropriate management paradigm. Your ability to listen to a variety of perspectives and interpret the salient factors into useful action items helped us so much. You shared excellent understanding of the obstacles that were tough for us to identify. The simple advice to make a clear distinction between [senior manager’s roles] was pivotal. It set us on a new course that will benefit the entire organization infrastructure. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and enthusiasm with us. Your involvement exceeded our expectations.” - Executive Director, SCRAP USA
“I had the opportunity to work on a team with Tom through the Community Consulting Project. His leadership style is a unique blend of clear vision and flexibility. Tom creates a team environment of open feedback, total engagement, and unwavering focus on the client's needs. Tom is a leader people follow because they want to, not because they have to. A rare gift in today's business world.” – Founder, TurningPoint Strategy

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