Thinking Teams - Unlocking the Power of Talented Minds Working Together
Based in the Portland, Oregon area, we consult with leaders and organizations in the US and internationally.  We help our clients co-create organizations founded on clear vision, open and respectful communication, effective collaboration, and wholeheartedness.  

We work with nonprofits and businesses in all industries, often with teams developing and transitioning complex technologies.We help talented teams get extraordinary results for particularly challenging business and R&D objectives. We help them answer:

  • How can we coordinate highly complex work across small to large teams and maximize return on investment?
  • How can we adapt to the inevitable surprises in ground-breaking projects, and get great results?
  • How do we create wholehearted, productive teams from talent with diverse backgrounds and personal styles?
Our services
  • Coaching and Training
          - Personal Effectiveness
          - Authentic Communication
          - Program Management    
          - Leadership
  • Process Development
         - Manage complexity    
         - Adapt to discovery  
         - Tools (agile CM, EVMS)
  • Facilitation
         - Teamwork 
         - Problem Solving
         - Conflict resolution
Fundamentals of Effective R&D Organization
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